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Jan. 12, 2004



Examples of Russian prices

This random selection of prices is based mostly on Moscow.
In other Russian cities these will be on average 20-30% less.

A bottle of reasonably good vodka $2-4 Apartment rental, bachelor, in Moscow $50/day, $250-900 / month Photocopy 10-15 cents
A bottle of real good vodka $10-15 A bottle of the best domestic beer $1.60 Apartment in Moscow to buy $30-80 thousand
A bottle of good domestic beer 70 cents Apartment rental, in a small town $50 / month Cabbage 10-15 cents/lb.
A loaf of bread 20 cents to $1.50 A subway ride 15 cents Gasoline 35 cents/litre
Contract murder* From two bottles of vodka to $3000+ A bus or train ride to Tver, 100 miles NW of Moscow $2 Internet access $0.40 to $2/hr
A good horse of no particular breed $400-600 Computers 20% cheaper than in the West Sweet peppers 60 cents/kg (summer)
$2-3/kg (winter)
Taxi 10-30 cents / km Books $4-12 for a good hard-cover book Hot peppers $1.50 / kg (summer);
15-60 cents/each (winter)
Traffic fines $3-5 / offence A new Lada car $3000-6000 A used car showing some signs of life $1000-1500
Horse riding lessons $10/hour University tuition $600-3000/year Yucky public washroom access 15 cents
Hookers $5-200/session Cell phone time 18-25 cents/min. Hotel, Western standard $80-300/night
Documents proving that you are not fit for military service $2000 Telephone line installation $400-1000 Hotel, good Russian style, outside of Moscow $10-20/night
Rutabaga 20 cents / lb. Sauerkraut 50 cents / lb.
Russian citizenship or permanent residence permit est. $700 + a year of work, went through this myself in liberal early 90's
Private tuition rate $6-30/hr, average Moscow $10/hr Lumber $70-100 / m3 Bricks 15 cents a piece
Horse upkeep $400-500/month in Moscow, including daily exercise Heroin $100/g,  supposed to be sold in Moscow's night clubs (said to be $1/g in Tajikistan) Train ride Moscow to Irkutsk (Lake Baikal), 4 thousand kilometers $60-90 each way
Room rental in Moscow, for a good room $20-50/day for one or two persons, or $100-160/month Room rental from an alcoholic babushka in Moscow $15/day per person Homemade pickles $2.50/kg ($1.20/lb)
Solid lunch at a cafeteria $5-7 Premium domestic beer $1+/bottle Toilet paper 25 cents/roll
Public washroom access 25 cents        

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