Trip monitoring

Want to be hand-led and babied during your travels through this land? Doable but expensive. Also, as a certified loner, recluse, and misanthrope, I can can appreciated just how annoying such forced company can be. A lighter alternative to having an full-time attendant with you is trip monitoring.

Here is what  you get:

  • A manager (usually me) who will be within reach 24/7. While you are travelling the phone will not be turned off even for a minute.
  • As you go I will provide you with information and advice. When needed I’ll help you communicate.
  • If a true emergency does arise I will take appropriate measures. These will include notifying your embassy )if you are lucky to be a national of one of the countries who care about their citizens), call your relatives, or whatever.
  • At all times I will maintain total readiness to travel to the scene.
  • But I too am subject to contingencies and surprises inherent in living in a probabilistic universe, and especially in this corner of it. At all times there will be someone who is aware of the situation, is qualified, and ready to take over should I croak or get kidnapped by space aliens.

Consider trip monitoring – full support without intrusive presence and costs.

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