How **not** to make a room enquiry

I wrote about this several times before. Renting a room is not just buying a right to so many square feet for so many days. You will be sharing living quarters. Interaction is unavoidable. Give your potential roommate or host an idea of who you are. Today I got two enquiries that I did pass on to hosts who advertise at my but chances of a positive – or any – response are close to zero. Even if accommodation is available.
Here I am reproducing two more of these “how not to” examples, with names deleted of course:
I am in Moscow and I need a room to live. What is the price?, I wish a room for 1 month.
I will wait for your reply.
kind regards!
Hi ; which is the price for room from 1 mai to 9 mai 2013 ; we are 2 persons . regards,
Why those asking about apartments write so much better than room seekers?! Letters requesting professional services are even better. But room and Russian bride types write in a manner that makes me sad that at this time I’m in no position to turn down just about any business.

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