Uncle Pasha’s Guide

I’m moving my Guide to a separate subdomain where.cheap-moscow.com

Why? It it growing too big for www.cheap-moscow.com while showing no tendency to become any less messy or more organized. I’d like to keep cheap-moscow.com as a clutter-free tool to sell accommodation and related traveller support services to respectable travellers like you, who don’t need to see any of the confusion that reigns in my grey matter.

Guess another – perhaps even a stronger – reason is that the Guide reflects my own way of coping with life, and life in Moscow to that. Its been repeatedly pointed out to me that I’ve migrated to the fringes of civilized society. I don’t want to scare normal respectable clients off with my “alternative” tastes and habits. The guide is intended for those who are like me if there are any left, if those left are on their way to Russia, and if those who are left and on their way to Russia still have the need and means to get my support. And as a prop to my own failing memory too.

I also though of moving it to unclepasha.com but the Guide is actually a coherent and a focused project. Not, it will not look right together with my odd notes at www.unclepasha.com.

You’ll still see it here for a few days or weeks while the transition is under way. Then it will be at its www.where.cheap-moscow.com, which is from now on its rightful and official place.


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