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Once in a while I receive a request or an offer for free/cheap accommodation in exchange for English. The problem is to get the two sides to meet without too much of my involvement.  Please use my board, which at the moment of writing this has two offers of free guides/drivers in exchange for conversation practice, or make a comment below, or sign up and write a post that you’ll then place in the Freebies category.

Home exchange seems to be catching on in Russia. Check out etc. etc. The number of offers from Russia grew from  zero to hundreds in the last couple of years.

Attention Russian bride seekers!
On reviewing home exchange offers
I noticed that 2/3 of hosts are women in the 25-35 range.  
That’s an easy and natural way to get connected.

What else can I recommend to the fans of free travel? Make friends. Look for your ilk. Offer your skills freely. Make people interested in you.  Improvise and go with the flow.  Although I’m not known as an admirer of Russia and things Russian I will concede that this land still has a culture of hospitality, and its inhabitants are more open-minded and flexible than their brethren elsewhere, especially in the so-called civilized world.

Cheap/used/barter resources

These may be of use if you need to settle in Moscow cheap. But all of these sites are in Russian.

  • or – Lots of second hand stuff but they’ve just changed their interface and as all changed it sucks.
  • – Very good personal experience recently selling/buying used/rare items.
  • – Used to be very good but as I checked it now before recommending it here I was once again disappointed by mess the site has become. It used to have lots of free/inexpensive/barter offers.
  • – Give away for free. Usually bulky items like refrigerators or washing machines. Last time I looked at it there were lots of free pianos.
  • – This one is a bit different. People offer themselves.  Looks like a great resource of you want to make friends here.  RUSSIAN BRIDE SEEKERS NOTE THIS ONE.
  • – Used to be good, then seems to have come down.

How to get my services for free

I’m open to barter arrangements. Check out the list of my needs somewhere on  Or write to me with a summary of what you can do well.

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