Black list

…Specific stories coming up

Those who take take off without paying, leave huge telephone bills, destroy property, or otherwise demonstrate that they are to be avoided will be listed here not only as revenge but

(a) to warn others to stay away from you, and

(b) to educate travelling public how things look from the landlord’s point of view.

It needs to be an undisputed case, with all other means exhausted, before I will list a traveller here. A mere disagreement is not enough. It needs to be something very specific and clear. So relax, you won’t get listed here unless you make a real effort and I have documented proof that you need to be here.

Who will be the first one to populate my little hell? I’m digging trough my old records and memory to bring these out.

Amy from Alexandra?

Rita’s guests? The one who took off without paying for TWO months. And stole a box of tools I loaned to Rita.

Magnifico? The Russian bride seeker with two NSF checks?

My client who shitted – literally – all over the place, broke mirror, and left me with a 15000 roubles ($500) phone bill?


You will all be here. Just give me time.


I’m saddened to see that ALL of the above are people with no discernible occupation and non-WASP background, which further feeds my propensity to discriminate on the basic of race, creed, etc.


A word to hosts: Use your discretion to avoid ugly guests. My advice that I will issue at the risk of being once again accused of prejudice and bigotry,  is to avoid travellers from regions and cultures known for irresponsibility and violence. I’ve encountered enough ugliness to be entitled to hold un-PC views. If a vial says “poison”, any single drop of it will be poison too. If a traveller comes from a place where people haven’t mastered the art of living together, chances are that client will be a problem. Learn from my errors, deal with respectable clients from sane regions only. These by no means are limited to western countries. My “preferred client” list includes Malaysians as an admirable little nation that manages to combine several normally incompatible worlds. You may want to flip through The Story of Malaysia by Harry Miller. Although difficult people in general, some Indians are entirely OK. I gather India is a patchy society, pretty much like Russia. But I would advise any beginner to the hospitality business to stick to a simple uniform predictable crowd like western leisure travellers.

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