Dutch Loft is back!

After a series of major rearrangements to give everyone the closest to what they wanted – I got some time and freedom as my share – Alla is renting out her two rooms and moving to my apartment. Yes, the quirks of the Moscow rental market still allow to pull stunts like equating two “kommunalkas” to one classy bedroom where Ivan-the-Terrible once saw fit to build Moscow’s first tavern for his oprichniki cutthroats that gave rise to the modern KGB, surrounded by Moscow’s most expensive hotels that include $600/night Kempinski etc. etc. Proper rich expats rent out $5000/month places. Losers want rooms. My apartment is a very middle-of the road place. And there is none of it in this country of extremes. So two kommunalka rooms in the cheap ourskirts of the city are nearly equal to a very decent place in the civilized center. The point of this post is that the old famous Dutch Loft is back. Available to single non-commercial travellers. No businessmen Turkish, Italian, or Indian businessmen please. You won’t mix well with Alla and her crowd. For you I would recommend a cheap hotel instead. This Dutch Loft will be $25/night or around that. See the old description here >>  New one will soon be added to www.cheap-moscow.com > place to stay > rooms  Please note that Alla will be practicing a text version of face control. Enquiries like “I need a place to stay. How much is it from xxx to xxxx?” will be ignored till I teach Alla and Sophie a few choice words and phrases..

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