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E-mail is the preferred method of contact. In fact the only one in the normal course of events. Write to BOTH AND!

I usually respond right away. If you don’t hear from me try again. Or call. I dislike telephone but if the situation truly requires it do call.  Please note that

Two anti-telephone drawings make after a series of annoying and pointless calls received in a poor coverage area somewhere in Karelia, on my way from Kandalaksha to Moscow, in August (tends to be a crazy month) of 2011

voice connection from outside of Moscow is usually poor.  If the matter requires an instant response try texting. The number is +7 985 217 3241. Many questions people attempt asking over the phone are of such that I need time to looks at schedules, check information sources, or just to think some. That’s why I’m asking/requesting/begging you to e-mail. Works much better than either phone or this fashionable Skype (Uncle_Pasha_2011) I recently subscribed to.

If you wish to discuss anything in open air use my forum. Feedback on my services can also be found and left there. This forum is a good place to look for freebies like free guide and driver in exchange for English.

You can also post your stories on my blog that I’ll make as accessible to the public as the spam and virus problem allows.

My mailing address is

115035 Moscow
Ovchinnikovskaya nab. 8, str.1, kv. 508 

It is a good idea to indicate telephone numbers on the envelop, especially if it is a registered letter or a parcel.

If I’m out of reach the next in command in Alexandra, +7 916 669 2038,  She is fully aware of my affairs and understands written English perfectly well. She will not speak however no matter what. It’s constitutional. But if you are a dead little animal or a part thereof and she finds you on the While Sea shore or ones of its island, she’ll pick you up, carefully package, label, and bring you to her boss in the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve. She can also stuff you if you get into her hands fresh enough, usually within two hours after your soul or whatever you have in its place has shuffled off this mortal coil. But she will not talk to an intact living human. Responding e-mails is no problem though, and she understand every nuance of written English.

Another key associate aware of most of my affairs is Alla. See her on the Lipetsk page of my project.

Dimitry Sharvin, whom you’ll find in the Rooms for Rent section of this site, also speaks fluent English and will step in if I’m out of reach/circulation.

I seem to be growing paranoid as of recent. Thus a a couple of friends who are aware of my affairs and will look after my clients should I fall victim to unpredictability that defines this country. Please take a note of Alexandra, Alla, and Dimitry above if travelling to Russia as my client, and keep all the phone numbers on you at all times while here.





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  1. Cheers,

    I am looking for a furnished apartment in Moscow near Red Square from June 1 – June 26 2012. My budget is around $3500 USD. I would also like 2 bedrooms. Do you have anything available or know of anything?

    Thank you,

    Alexis Wingate

    • Please write to room owners direct.

      An interesting request. Usually people ask for a rate **under** a certain figure, not **from** as you do. is probably not the right concept for you. Try one of the better hotels: The National, Metropol, Lotta, any of the international chains…

  2. Hi there! i am Anne from Norway. From july 3rd I am attending a Cosmic Ray Symphosium in Moscow. The location for this event is “Shuvalovsky” building at new MSU territory. I will be staying till the 8th of July. I found you website browsing thru for cheap hotels. s I travel quite a lot and have to pay everything myself (no sponsors) I have to look very carefully at all offers. I like your site, its my style of living. I would love to have a guide for a tour around town or to meet up and go out for a tea and discuss philosophy and living. Iam a journalist but this trip is for discussing with others about the new energies coming now to our planet. If you know of a good accommodation near where I am going I would love to hear from you…..All the best Anne Hess

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