About me

Here is me in a couple of my most habitual hypostases. 

One is a bum lacking either purpose or focus, a regular of Second Wind, a devotee of following the line of least resistance as life strategy, a creator an owner of a ratness of Russian travel sites formerly kept under unclepasha.com…

When bills pile up uncontrollably and the car needs repairs, the advantage of Protestant values becomes apparent. I trim facial growth, put on a tie, turn into a goal-oriented urban personage, formulate goals that I proceed pursuing. I do that till the situation is no longer on the brink of disaster, and revert to my old ways that include long bicycle rides, hours in used book stores, and thorough and ever-growing knowledge of the seediest of Moscow’s drinking establishments.

If you are thinking hiring me for a semblance of a real job, see my resume at www.oldmanfriday.com I can be a valuable asset to anyone who needs intensive temporary support anywhere in Russia. I’m a hunter-gather by nature and my style is intense exertion for a short time rather than a routine civilized job..

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