Costs? Distances? Entry requirements? Job opportunities? Safety concerns?

I’m here since ’94 and during most of these years I’ve been one way or another involved with the problems of others.  I doubt you’ll find many who have the scope as wide as mine when it comes to living, travelling, and working in Russia.

Use my board, make comments to pages, or e-mail me your questions or concerns. Questions received by e-mail usually get instant response. Those left on my board will receive a more thorough consideration because, chances are, they will be seen by many.

This is a free service. Unless, of course, your issue requires extensive research, in which ordinary – and very reasonable – hourly, daily, or per-project fees will apply. But in most cases I will answer off the top of my head or by quickly looking things up, thus entirely free of charge.

Geographically,  my area of expertise is between Moscow and Saint-Petersburg and to a lesser extent further north to Karelia and the Kola Penininsula.

You may want to check out my if interested in small-town Russia.

I tend to travel without plans, vagabond style, and believe it to be the easiest manner of transporting my body through space while not straining my brains. Ask me how to get things done cheap and in ad hoc manner.

But don’t you dare enquiring about luxury cruises or jewellery stores or what’s the best hotel in town. I don’t like to be reminded I’m a loser, ok, thanks.

Although I make a living by catering to travellers to Russia, my inborn realism tends to outweight the need to entice you people to come to this land. Don’t talk to me if you need enthusiastic approval of your plans rather than their detached assessment >>

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