Trip planning

You can and are welcomed and encouraged to discuss your Russia-related plans and concerns with me. Ask for specific information or general advice. Often – usually – you’ll get it free as a public services. Just be sure to phrase your questions well. “Send me more info on Russia” type enquiries will be ignored or even added to my collection of how-not-to examples >>

Use my BOARD to discuss questions that may be of general interest to travellers to Russia. I will take more care composing a reply if knowing that my answers will be read by more than one reader.

You can arrange visa support through me.  I can also register you to my name and address in Moscow. See Visa support and registration >>  I try to note agencies that provide visa support to nationals of “migration risk” countries. They are listed here >>

I’m regularly accused of being “against just about anything”. Yes, negativity, suppose, is part of the Uncle Pasha brand.  


I am always happy to point to errors, unrealistic expectations, or just plain absurdities in your travel plans >>


Instant tourist invitation and hotel voucher; invitations for one year multi-entry visas >>

Invitation for nationals of “migration risk” countries >>

Travellers with special need >>

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