Airport pickup

I definitely recommend you have yourself met at the airport if this is your first trip or you have lots of luggage or there are 2-3 of you.

Otherwise Aeroexpress will take you to nearly the center of Moscow in 40 minutes, and it will cost you $15-something.

The car upkeep fund contribution will be $80. That includes parking and waiting. No problem to stop to exchange money, pick up tickets, buy a local cell phone etc. etc. The trip from the airport is a good time to ask questions and address your Moscow-related concerns. Time and traffic situation permitting we may do a bit of a tour of Moscow on our way to your destination.

That’s the vehicle. Its unassuming appearance repels thieves and induces deep apathy in omnipresent Russian police obsessed with doing document checks. Being a diesel,  it is noisy and has a slight smell of kerosene. If you prefer something more “proper” see my list of drivers >>

And this is me, the famous “Uncle Pasha”. Whenever possible – and it is in 2/3 of the cases – I will meet you myself.

A hint:

Now all three airports are connected to the center of Moscow by dedicated railroad links.  The Domodedovo link will take you to Paveletsky train station, which is one Metro stop or 30 min. walk from my apartment that is available for rent. The train option is suitable for a single traveller without much luggage. Feel free to ask me for details on getting to Moscow for $16-17.  Or even $2-5 for true economy enthusiasts. I tried the bus option twice but doubt I’ll ever again take a bus that drags you for a couple of hours through subdivisions before dumping you at one of the wilder distant Metro stations. For you, however, it may be an “experience”.

Another one:

Be skeptical about $40-50 offers. With extra for parking, waiting, luggage, night hours or whatever it will come to about $70 for sure. Most travellers in pursuit of false economy end up paying around $100. If you are into economy take Aeroexpress and then Metro instead. Extreme budget enthusiasts take a bus.

If you want to do serious deep touring of the country on a budget, a camper is available. It will save you a bundle on hotels and cafes, and give you nearly total independence. For $250-350/day plus direct expenses you get me, the truck, camper, and a variety of camping equipment. JOURNALISTS AND FILM-MAKERS CONSIDER THIS OPTION. The camper has basic versions of all the standard washing, cooking, and sleeping facilities, autonomous 220 volt power supply, internet and whatever else you need to live and work comfortably in the field or on the road.

Tested in extreme weather conditions. Speaking of winter, see Winter is the Soul of Russia in the Adventures & Misadventures section.


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  1. I will be visiting Moscow Dec 11-16. I am visiting my son who is studying Math. He is close to Arbat st.I am looking for a ride from the airport and and back as well as a tour or two. I would also like to rent a cell phone while I am their. IS this something you are able to help with?

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