Room, misc.

Not much recent info on these but as of September 2012 they may still be available. I’ll dump them on one list. I would not bother writing to these people because your chances are low. But there is a type of traveller who eternally in incessantly looks for a better deal. As an alternative to pestering me try people from this list.

  • Natalia may have a room in the Butyrsky Val area and a room or an apartment in Solnechnogorsk, 40km north-west from Moscow.
  •  Valentina used to have excellent rooms and apartments near Metro Belorusskaya but from what I hear she married and moved to Germany and her daughter, to whom she left her affairs, is one of these blank-faced Russian characters with eyes that, through their lack of expression, manage to make a strong statement that the owner does not care.
  • Leo/Eugenia in Izmailovo used to offer something for $15/night and some travellers stayed there and found the place to be well worth the laughable – by Moscow standards – rate. But consider yourself lucky if these hosts respond.

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