Pechatniki, very inexpensive

I’ve recently received a letter from Masha (Maria) who said that her room is again availale for rent. It is in Pechatniki, the east end of Moscow.

That's Masha with her new camera. She is a photographer from what I recall, enjoys exploring, and may be able to accompany you or organize your trip.

The rate 8-9 years ago was around $15/night. Mostly likely a bit higher now but still as cheap as its gets in Moscow. Also, unless Masha’s character has changed, she will be glad to answer your questions, take you around, and otherwise act as your friend. She is – I hope she still is – an example of old-school homestay host  who is motivated by the fun of it rather than $$.

I will not bother making a new page for her but, upon checking contact details.. – yes, her old e-mail is valid, and she was in the habit of responding fast – just point to the old page. Here:

Here are a few photos of her apartment and neighbourhood just to get you interested:

Guest bedoom

Living room in Masha's apartment. At the time the place was freshly renovated but furniture was from the 70s. A charming time capsule was how it felt..

A typical view of modern Maryino, where Masha's mother may have a room for you. Pechatniki is basically same style: lots of concrete and huge spaces..

You’ll find much more on the old but as I’ve just learned valid page  Also Masha’s mother may still have a room near Metro Mar’yino, also east end. Consider Maryino if you are the type who may find charm in old industrial Moscow.


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  1. Dear Masha,

    I am a Dutch citizen who is going to work for a foundation in Moscow. Could you please send me more information about the rent of the room?.

    Thank you in advance.

    Yours truly,


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