Old feedback from my Dutch Loft guests

More feedback on my and my humble services to the travelling public on www.unclepasha.com/guestbook.htm

>Hi Paul,
>I loved your piece about your “Dutch loft”, really enjoyed the read.
>I can tell you that your style of writing shows a certain view on life which
>is very well appreciated by Dutch people and matches with the Dutch outlook
>on our earthly existence, which may well explain the considerable fondness
>for your place. (The fact that your loft is only $25 also may have something
>to do with it, the Dutch being always a bit tight when it comes to money).
>Keep up the good work, so maybe one day your very own house will become a
>shrine for all Dutch travelers who ever went to Moscow when they where
>young; and are now returning to capture you, your house and your family on
>their second-hand japanese camcorder… ;-)
>Ps. Yes I am Dutch myself, and therefore I feel perfectly allowed to comment
>on the sometimes strange behaviours of my fellow country-men and ,-women…
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From: “Satya P Chattopadhyay” <spc354 at Scranton dot edu>
To: <paul_voytinsky@yahoo.com>
Sent: Saturday, September 04, 2004 2:25 PM
Subject: Real


> Pasha:
> Here is how I wrote about you in a letter!
> “Pithy” is the word my friend!  This do it?
> Regards,
> Satya
>  Smooth as Silk!! Arrival in Moscow on the 25th afternoon. Uncle Pasha himself showed up at the station, and I recognized him even as he was struggling to open the folds of his “Satya” notice. As we went back to his car, he led me through the minutae of his quaintly crafted scenario (see unclepasha.com). Bottomline: His apartment (where I expected to be) was not available. My choice was between Catherine’s basement bomb shelter and Olesya’s couch! Of course also included was an option to stay at the nearby Kempinski hotel at $350++! Even as we were in the car, in Pasha’s phone call I could hear Olesya decide that my humble Indian origin was still the deciding factor for her over my relatively well-heeled and commercially desirable American passport holder status. Pasha’s appeal that I was really not an “indian” Indian apparently did not work, and my option was between the basement bomb shelter and the Kempinski! I figured the bombshelter experience would give me a “tale” to t
> ell and said yes to it. However, there was a catch, and I could not get in before 9 pm. (The details are available at Pasha’s web site). So I suggested we go to his apartment and leave my luggage, and then go back to roaming the streets until 9 pm.
> Once in the apartment, the options again changed. The occupants, a pair of Americans were offered a choice by Pasha: Pay $65 per night and have the apartment to themselves, or sublet to me ( and recover $25 pernight from me, and allow Pasha to stay also given that the accomodation was re-classified as “back-packer” class). My puppy dog look and respectable academic credentials appeared to make me a low risk enough that I was allowed to stay (my $50 for two nights also helped). So I was in, and the bomb-shelter would have to wait for another time! I did not get up into the dutch loft, and crashed on the couch. The set-up was OK, even if the sleeping arrangement was not! But I have no regrets. Once Pasha was certain that I was going to make a contribution to his vehicle maintenance fund (which saw an asset (fleet size) increase as well as depletion due to maintenance expenditures during my visit), he was as good as his word, and saw me off at Sheremetyevo II for my early morni
> ng flight back to US via Paris. I was surprised when he forgot to charge me for pointing out the hookers plying their trade on the highway to Sheremeteyvo II at 5 am! I saw him operate, and noted his willingness to be helpful, if only at a price!  In fairness, he promised me that his aggressive capitalism is replaced by intense customer friendliness during the off-season!!
> His partner’s selective service provision notwithstanding, I enjoyed his company and he delivered on his promises. I would use him again and recommend him along with his eccentricities. A good reliable man, with a range of ala carte services, who is always ready to poke fun at himself, others and not take life too seriously.

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From: angusakerr [at]  yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk

To: paul_voytinsky [at] yahoo  [at] com

Sent: Wednesday, September 29, 2004 2:17 PM

Subject: Re: booking and post

Hi Paul

Quick Review as promised:

The Dutch Loft is great. Both Rita and I were very impressed. It is a lovely little apartment with a view to one of the seven nineteen fifties(?) monolithic skyscrapers that dot Moscow. Rita was less impressed with the furry little flatmate but I found him to be quite cuddly. The location is ideal, very central in a pleasant area with lots of little shops and some bars. Both Olyssa and Pasha are also friendly and helpful.
We both definately reccommend the Dutch Loft and I would be surprised if you find a better deal so close to the Kremlin.

Angus Kerr (New Zealand)
Rita Soromenho (Portugal)

PS The trip is going great. We are now in Mongolia and it is snowing


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