A room from Snejana, north-west

Room, approx. $25/night. In summer the whole apartment may be available for around $50-60/night but since you can only count for a room I’ll list it in the room/homestay category.

Tushino, north-west end of Moscow. Easy access to the airport. 30 min. walk from Metro Tushinskaya. Quiet green area, excellent for jogging or cycling.

Yes, a bike is available. And a comfortable one too.

You’ll share the apartment with two non-destructive but noisy kids.

The apartment is clean and airy. The disadvantage is lack of a proper comfortable desk.

Contact Snejana at snej-k@yandex.ru. She usually responds fast.

Internet, printer, washer. NO AIR CONDITIONER but in that green well-aired area its lack is not a major problem.

Below are a few photos of the place and the surroundings.

One of the rooms where you can stay.

From my mailbox:
Dear Pacha,

Snejana asked me to write my impression after my stay at her home. All that I can say is that she is a very very nice person, I hope she will have a nice memory of me. I found her place very pleasant, the only ‘problem’ is that the place is quite away from the center of Moscow and that it takes long to reach the center from her place. It might be a little bit difficult first to find the place when some people dont know Moscow, so  it is a good advice to have her phone tel in case it would be too difficult for some people to get to her appartement. I found the suburb where she lives much more pleasant than i had imagined before my first day at her appartement. I hope some day I could return to visit her.

Best wishes,

The other one. Note the cat. There is a big dog there somewhere too. And a canary that chirps incessantly. 

The apartment is by a park that stretches along the canal.

A view from the window





The military boats museum that has an submarine is in Tushino too, 15 min. from Snejana’s through a park.

Contact Snejana at snej-k@yandex.ru. Usually same-day response.  Also write to her if you are looking for an inexpensive apartment.


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