A room by Botanical Gardens

A room (occasionally the whole apartment) from Natalia Alexandrovna, Snejana’s mother.

You can count on room only so I’m placing this under Rooms but check with Snejana if you are looking for a cheap apartment.

The rates are entirely average or even lower: $25 or so per night for the room, $60-70 for the whole apartment if available (usually in summers), less for longer.  As Snejana for details and leave a comment to this page in case of large discrepancy in price or any other information.

Client requirements are high: toilet-trained personages only. I’ve witnessed this host go through two or three disasters with guest who were not.

(A reminder to myself: write a guide to apartment and especially room renting guests on how not to discourage people to retract their offers.)

Nearest metro stations: VDNKh and Alexeyevskaya, then 10 min. by trolly or mini-bus. Near the National Exhibition grounds, Kosmos Hotel, Ostankino TV tower, Botanical Gardents, Ostankino Estate with a palace and a park.. A very civilized sort of an area if you stay away from the buying and selling crowds at the National Exhibition.

Close to Alexandra’s (apartment, summers only) and Irina’s (apartment or room), both right by Metro Alexeyevskaya.

The building is an early 1970s stagnation era concrete panels construction. The apartment is decorated in the 70s style, with LOTS of house plants being its one outstanding feature. Somewhat cluttered.

The neighbours on the other side of the wall are old and sensitive to noise. Thus only quiet guests please. No partying, no slamming doors etc.

 Write to Snejana.

Stayed there? Add a commend to this page.

Right by Botanical Gardens. Very close to VDNKh. Several boulevards. Not far from Sokolniki which is connected to the Moose Island park that will take you all the way to the east end of the city. A good area for cycling and jogging.

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