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See also Apartments. Sometimes you may be able to rent a room only even though a whole self-contained apartment was announced. Don’t however expect to be able to *reserve* a room, especially far advance and for a short time. Apartment owners will normally rent out a room only as the last resort. 

See also Hostels. Room and homestays require you to “fit in”. If you want just cheap accommodation, without subjecting yourself to possible force socializing and even culture shock, opt for a hostel. Those I’ve inspected and liked are here >>

Some comments that apply to room rental in general:

  • I’d add more offers if room rental wasn’t so problematic. By some reason room-renting travellers create way more problems than those who opt for apartments. And room owners are less reliable than apartment owners who, in turn, are worse than those who run hotels and hostels. PEOPLE! WANT IT CHEAP? DON’T WASTE RESOURCES!
  • Room rent is not for everyone. Successful room renters are motivated by desire to integrate. Same as money is not the only or even primary concern for good hosts. It you need it cheap but don’t want to get too personal consider hostels.
  • Rooms renting hosts often will not reply. Please don’t write to me if they don’t. That’s the nature of the beast that they don’t reply. Hosts too try not to get me involved. Backpackers tend to write a lot and don’t show up. They leave a mess. That’s their nature and nothing can be done about it.
  • Room renters are urged to use discretion. Rent only to people of respectable background.
  • Recurring problems forced me to re-open my Black List



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  1. Hello Expats,
    If you still need a room to rent we have a short/term room rental near the Sokol area available immediately. Our whole building was just renovated. It looks much better than when it was new in the mid 1960’s.
    In Russian – Irina at +7-926-526-78-28
    In English – George at +7-926-813-78-47.
    Thanks and have a great Day <!:).

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