Landlords and hosts

I am happy to add outstanding offers from reliable hosts and apartment owners in Moscow. Hostels, if they are not carbon copies of “cozy rooms in the old center of Moscow” are also welcomed but most of them have been overcome by the commercial spirit. There would be nothing wrong with being “commercial” if that didn’t have the tendency to kill character and make things bland.

Apartment offers that will be well received and are likely to get you quality guests are of the sort like my famous “studio on the canal” or Alexandra’s by Metro Alexeyevskaya. The point, in addition to democratic price, is that apartments should not feel like typical impersonal rental units. They need to be clean and equipped with essentials but not… One of my enlightened clients back in late 90s, when interesting people were still travelling here with some regularity, traced the nature of discomfort felt in one of them to “French brothel style”. Sapienti sat. That’s the sort I can’t add to my list.

Dimitry from Maroseyka exempliefies what homestay offers I would love to add to my list. The word “subversive” comes to mind. Russian “прикольный” is it. Translates as “cool” except that Tom Cruise is “cool” but not “prikolny”. While Dimitry and his rooms are the other way around. If you are like him, you are welcomed to my list. The more distant you are, the less you’ll fit.

Several times in the past I was made to go out of my way to document your offers that then people would the tell me to take down. If you want me to do an effective description you’ll have to make let’s say a $50 site upkeep contribution. Then I will do a page on you the best I can. I may even spend one long day on it. Or more. Hope no one accuses me that I’m trying to dupe a few bucks out of you. But $50  payment should make you take a pause. It will count towards your site upkeep support in the amount of 10% of whatever you get from clients that come from me.

If you think you’ll fit write to Ideally of course you’ll send a ready description but I don’t recall of anyone doing so. Write and let’s take it from there. Or, even better, start by posting your offer on my Board

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