Sukharevka Hostel

Run by the same people as Basilica, personally known to me. Beds at about $30, tiny separate one-person rooms no more than $70 last time I checked.The location is on the north part of the Garden Ring, where old Moscow turns into a Stalin-era city.  No charm the way you’d find in the Basilica but a very practical place to stay right by Metro Sukharevskaya. Walking distance the three main train station. Attractions nearby the popped up in my head, in no particular order: Hospital of Emergency Medicine, the Old Circus, Moscow Fat Club, Bulgakov Museum, Book Fair, Sakharov Museum…. Three of four subway stops from Alexandra’s apartment that’s available June to August every year at $90/night, $500/week, or $1400/month. Same price range, slightly higher level of comfort.

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