Saw the sign in front of Metro Novokuznetskaya. Haven’t inspected the place yet but since it is so close to my apartment that is so often booked I’ll just have to add this one to the list.

..Let me at least check out their site… The 1600 roubles ($55) per night offer for a single room looks great… DAMN, THE RATE APPLIES IF YOU STAY THERE FOR A MONTH OR MORE!  Who stays in hostels for a month or more?!  A room for one for $55/night x 30 nights = $1650/month?! Excessive even for Moscow. Even for the very center of it. And when one says room costs so much per night it means just that – rate per night, not rate per month. WATCH FOR THESE LANGUAGE TRICKS. YOU MAY OFTEN SEE AN ANNOUNCEMENT APARTMENT $25/NIGHT. SMALL PRINT WILL SAY “BASED ON 4 PERSON OCCUPANCY/MONTHLY RATE”. SEE – STUDY – THE TRICKS PAGE OF MY GUIDE TO MOSCOW AND THIS WHOLE DAMN COUNTRY!

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