Popular. Easy-going. No problem to leave a package for the guest. Registrations done on the spot for anyone – you don’t need to be their guest. Lots of positive recommendations.

But I would hesitate recommending it to **my** clients because of too much of a party atmosphere. But in view of numerous positive feedback I’m putting Napoleon on my list.

Very close to Dimitry’s rooms on Maroseyka that are the No. 1 choice for those who want prime neighbourhood and a room for the price of a hostel bed. 10 min. walk to Basilica, another one of my personal favourites.

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Napoleon — 2 Comments

  1. Stayed there. Would have loved it if I was 15 years younger. Smoke in the stairwell was bad but that served me right as used to be a devotee of this despicable habit and I’m sure did my share of annoying others. You are right, Paul. It is for young backpackers. Oldies with no money should rent a room but on this occasion (October 2011) all of yours were booked.


  2. Thanks for the feedback. If I correctly recall the circumstances around your trip, you *insisted* on reservation, and Napoleon was at the time the only place that was central, cheap, and **willing to take a reservation**. The irony is that my apartment became available in the last moment and you could have stayed there at the hostel rate as if it was vacant for 7-10 days anyway. FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME I URGE TRAVELLER – ESPECIALLY BUDGET ONES – TO AVOID THE SIN OF OVERPLANING. Cheap deals pop up all the time and chances are in your favour one of them will become available during your visit. But you can’t “reserve” one of these specials because they are special exactly because of their unpredictable nature. How can I convince you budget travellers to take it easy?!! The irony is that instead of letting things happen they write incessantly and generate a huge administrative load. Not your case, Joe. You’ve been almost an examplary backpacker. But most of them just try to make the world rotate around their needs, which does not work for anyone and feeds fuel to my growing disgust with travellers, landlords, hosts, and the world in general.


    PS. At the moment a room is vacant near Metro Alexeyevskaya and the owner will accept just about any offer. A camper is available and can be put up at Sokolniki for around $30/night. And no takers. But I’m engaged in e-mail exchange with people who plan out minute details three months ahead of time. Tiring.

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