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Offers are welcomed, especially when recommended by travellers rather than owners. I aim to collect offers in the “decently budget” range. No more than $120/night for an apartment and $50/night for a room please. Higher rates just don’t make sense for this gloomy uncomfortable urban monstrosity.

If you are the owner I want to hear from you ONLY IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING OUTSTANDING TO OFFER. Nondescript stories like “a cozy apartment in a good area to make your stay in Moscow comfortable” will be rejected. They will also provoke my rage and move me close to popping a vessel, and it will be your fault. One of my complaints about present stage of world’s degradation is that language is no longer used to convey facts. Write informatively, the old school way! Show how your offer stands out among the rest. Only then I may consider adding you to this list.

Also see Rooms. Sometimes a room only can be rented in an apartment. Or, while a room is offered, the whole apartment may be available. There is a considerable amount of overlap between rooms and apartments. Check both sections.

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